Terms & Conditions

for User-Generated Content


Become part of the shelfy community! Share your interior design style with @my.shelfy on Social Media and your post might be featured on the shelfy channels and websites.


Here at shelfy, we celebrate originality, creativity, and beautiful shelf designs – even more, if those are placed in real homes! That’s why we need your help! We may have sent you a message asking if we could use your photo on our social media channels, website, and newsletters.

If you respond to our request with #YESshelfy, you agree to the following:

You grant shelfy and the onexip GmbH a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use any images you tag #YESshelfy for marketing purposes, including advertising, publication on our website, newsletters, emails, customer communications, and sharing of the image & content on our social media channels on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

By granting us this license, you declare that you own the photo and all rights related to it.

Want to see how we use your photo? Check it out here and get inspired by other designs.

Last update: 17.12.2021